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About Us

We are a family owned business that started out in 2007.  It began as a hobby because of our interest in this market. Over a short time we realized there was much lack in the marketplace for true customer service. Our customers were expressing how much they appreciated us taking the time to discuss their needs. We felt as if we were only doing our job. They continued to tell us how it was difficult just to get other dealers to answer the phone. We soon realized that there were many order takers in the market.  If the customer was't ready to place the order then the dealer's  desire to help was little to none. We then decided to invest 100% of our time in our customer's and this business. We take great pride in our company's reputation and we love what we do. You will know you called the right place the moment you request our assistance.  We are not just salesmen or order takers looking to close the next deal.  We won't push you away because you're undecided of what you need.  We are experienced assistant buyers here to see that you not only receive a great trailer, but honest support along the way.  We have sold thousands of trailers all across the country over the years.  Along the way gaining more and more experience and knowledge of certain things that must be done and certain things that should not.  We don't just give our business to whoever is willing to do it the cheapest. We focus on the best products for the money that we can find. We have several different trailers in stock and several more on the way. If we don't have it in stock we will construct it for you as quick as anyone.  Call us today at 1-800-270-3503 and experience what trailer buying should be.



7x16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer
7x16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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