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5x10 vs 6x12 Enclosed Cargo Trailers


Do you need a solution for a need to transport materials for your business or something for your personal use?  Our 5x10 & 6x12 enclosed cargo trailers are a perfect and convenient fix for your needs.

5 x 10 enclosed cargo trailers have a 60" interior and 50+ square feet worth of storage.  It comes with a spring assisted rear ramp door for easy loading. A side door is not standard, but can easily be added for your convenience.

6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailers have a taller 6'3" interior  and nearly 80 square feet worth of storage.  It will come with a rear spring assisted ramp door for easy loading.  A 32" side entry door with RV style flush lock is standard on this unit.  The flush lock allows you the convenience of being able to open the side door from the exterior or interior of the trailer.  It has two keyed locks for the latch itself and a separate deadbolt for additional security.

At Southern Trailer Depot we keep several of these enclosed cargo trailers in stock for quick and easy delivery.  You can pick up at our factory in Douglas, GA for ultimate savings or we can deliver to anywhere in the USA for as little as $1.25 per loaded mile.  Call us at 1-800-270-3503 to reserve your enclosed cargo trailer or to discuss our wide variety of options to quickly custom build your unit.

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